2021 Drink Trends

With the Coronavirus pandemic having shaped last years trends, we take a look at what trends we might see this year.


Celebrity Rose

The Rosé wine market has been captured by celebrities and they have latched onto its pulling power, aware of rosé’s ability to sell an aspirational lifestyle in a similar way to fragrance. Last year a small group of stars brought out their own pale pink rosé brands including UK actor Idris Elba, stay turned as this rose may be seen in some of our hotels later this year. Expect to see more celebrity-backed rosé brands appearing in 2021 too.


British Backed Hard Seltzers

A hard seltzer, is a type of highball drink containing carbonated water, alcohol, and often fruit flavouring. This category exploded in the UK last year and it is predicted that this trend will become more popular in 2021. A large number of British-backed brands emerged on the scene last year, including Bodega Bay, and DRTY Hard Seltzer, as well as Herefordshire-based Chase distillery who launched a trio of flavoured gin seltzers: Seville Orange, Pink Grapefruit, and London Dry & Lemon.


Canned Wine

Having once been sniffed at, canned wines are now big business. Canned wine volume sales have quadrupled in the UK since 2018. Recyclable, portable and providing Covid-safe single serves, canned wines are suited to our times and look set to make an even bigger splash this year.


Bottled Cocktails

It’s not only chefs who have been turning to takeaways in lockdown – some of our top bartenders and bars have spent 2020 creating bottled cocktail collections that can be delivered to your door. Each cocktail recipe is kept the same to fully replicate the experience of drinking it at the bar. It is expected that we will see more bars bottling their wares for home delivery this year.


No or Low Alcohol Trend

With the clean drinking trend showing no sign of slowing, no and low alcohol drinks will continue to grow in the UK. Expect to see a group of new no and low alcohol beers, wines and spirits this year, alongside nolo ciders, ready to drink beverages and seltzers.

Among one of last year’s most interesting new additions to the nolo category was the UK’s first ‘medicinal’ mushroom beer. Tapping into the wellness trend, 'Fungtn' is aimed at mindful drinkers, and is supposed to help the body adapt to psychological stresses, restoring balance and supporting the immune system.


Pink Prosecco

In May 2020 the Italian government finally approved pink prosecco and it is set to take the sparkling wine sector by storm. With the popularity of prosecco, this pale pink, delicately fruity version is likely to excite the interest of bubbly-lovers. Pink prosecco has the classic flavours that we all know and love… pears, apples and floral notes but with a delicate touch of red berry fruit from the addition of Pinot Nero (aka Pinot Noir).


Tequila & Spiced Rum

Both tequila and rum have had a big surge in popularity in 2020 and this is set to continue. Move over gin, tequila and spiced rums are the new spirits to take the spotlight. Where tequila offers a savoury and umami spirit for your collection, spiced rum supplies the caramel and delicate sweet spice flavours.



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