2021 is set to be the biggest year for weddings due to many postponements in 2020. It will be something for everyone to look forward to and celebrated with gusto once the storm has passed.  We look at some of the trends which will be part of a 2021 wedding celebration.

1 . Digital Guests

As travel restrictions may continue in some places as lockdown eases. Elderly relatives and friends and family living in other countries may prefer to dial-in and watch the ceremony remotely.

2 . Eco Friendly

Couples may be looking to create as little waste as possible, with zero-plastic and reduced-waste policies collectively saving tonnes of wedding waste from ending up in landfills. Think invitations made from recycled paper, vegan menus and composting any leftovers.

3 . Big Parties

With all the missed 'Happy Hours' over the past few months, it’s coming back in a big way with weddings. Think serve-yourself prosecco taps, experimental cocktails, and boozy popsicles like frozen rose, mimosas, and mojitos making their way onto a dancefloor near you.

4 . Personalised Menus

Instead of the traditional big cakes, there is a lean towards more ‘grab and go’ dessert displays and even doughnut walls. More couples are serving food that pays homage to their backgrounds, too. Whether that is custom messages in fortune cookies or cocktails made with a type of Slovakian cherry liquor. More and more couples will be selecting super-personal menus, such as family favourite desserts, or cocktails named after people and places that mean something to the couple and their families.

5. Make a Statement

There has already been an increase in statement veils and it is expected that many more brides will make this trend their own, with personalised veils embroidered with meaningful quotes and initials. Statement sleeves, wearable florals, bridal crowns and pearl-embellished dresses are also on the rise.

There is also an expectation of a revival in the ‘something blue’ tradition - think blue barrettes, jewellery and even blue soles of heels.

6. Wedding Gifts

The pandemic has put things into perspective, and wedding couples will be asking for funds, not things - whether that be funds for a first home, a pet or a honeymoon. Charity registries will also become the norm, with more couples wanting to donate to a worthy cause