Did you know?

Did you know that Lord Kitchener is the man we see in the 1914 recruitment poster for World War One?

Lord Kitchener was a British Army officer as well as a colonial Administrator and fought in World War One.

Having bought Broome Park in 1911, it was to be the country home of Lord Kitchener, he commissioned a major remodelling of the house to create the formal gardens and a formal carriage approach. Because of the extensive work being carried out on the property and Kitchener's professional commitments, he only lived in Broome Park for brief periods: notably for six weeks while on home leave immediately before the outbreak of the First World War. Full-time occupancy of the house was intended for his retirement. However, between 1914 and 1916 Kitchener spent his limited spare time visiting the house and watching the building take shape. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1916 whilst on duty before seeing it finished.

The hotel has created its own gin in honour of Lord Kitchener, it is inspired by his life and travels, with a poppy and nettle base representing the First World War and a secret blend of spices illustrating Kitchener's Asian adventures. They suggest it be accompanied by a Mediterranean tonic and fresh pomegranate. Lord Kitchener is living on through the gin and you can try a glass in the bar at Broome Park or you can buy a bottle or miniatures of gin with tonic from the hotel.Ā