World Cocktail Day & 2022 Trends

This Friday 13th May is World Cocktail Day, a great reason to enjoy a cocktail and celebrate!

To help you celebrate the day, we are sharing a refreshing and creamy cocktail for spring, using tequila, which is a spirit on the up this year!

Marble Queen


45ml tequila
30ml cream of coconut
15ml lime juice


Combine all ingredients and shake over ice. Serve with a salted or spiced rim.


2022 Cocktail Trends

Following the pandemic, has seen the rise of the cocktail pub, with your favourite lowkey local upping its cocktail game.

Certain drinks have been making their own comeback to the bar scene, including the likes of the Gimlet; the Martini and the Garibaldi, while shopping local, extended to British spirits brands such as Black Cow vodka, Filey Bay whisky and Everleaf non-alcoholic aperitif too.

But what will be the fashionable drinks of 2022.

Bitter is better

Bitter is an important flavour profile in mixology that has been increasingly rediscovered and appreciated over the past few years. More bitter flavoured cocktails have made a comeback: the Negroni above all, the Hanky Panky and drinks rooted in classic Italian tradition like the Garibaldi.

Approachable luxury

Following the pandemic, people are looking to elevate their experience when going out: enjoying the best of the best without it being a treat. Luxury bars are focusing on making their service more approachable, with complimentary welcome drinks and pizzas as bar snacks. Approachability is also a trend for the drinks themselves. Lots of the top bars in London are serving mini versions of the strong drinks that most people would be nervous to order.

Green drinking

There is a rise in the general interest in eco-credentials and sustainability. Drinks with a purpose have exploded during lockdown, such as Hawksbill Rum and Elephant Gin, which donate money for every bottle sold to protecting endangered sea turtles and elephants respectively. In addition, two of the most attended events at London Cocktail Week were zero-waste events hosted by the sustainable vermouth brand Discarded and Brewdog Distilling Company.

Unaged spirits

The gin boom proved age isn’t everything and while sales of that spirit are levelling off, other unaged spirits could pick up the slack. This category includes white whiskey and any spirit not legally required to be aged. There is more and more interest in spirits such as tequila and mezcal, for their incredible flavours and mixability.

Consumers may also shift back towards vodka as gin trails off. Vodka will begin to have a renaissance as more start-up distilleries move away from gin and look at producing vodka with flavour.


source: The Telegraph