Ultimate Date Night

Are you thinking about how to plan the ultimate date night for Valentines Day tomorrow? Here are some ideas to help you make the most of the evening with friends, family or loved ones.

1. Setting the scene

To create the ultimate date night we suggest you create a restaurant experience. Whether that be themed, fancy or bistro dining or even recreating your favourite restaurant in the heart of your home. It can be a great way to bring together couples and families who are isolating together. You have the freedom to be as creative as you like, and can make it personalised to you. If you are in different homes you can use zoom to match the same experience together.


2. Create a menu

You could create a menu that is personal to you, whether that be recreating your favourite culinary memories, having a theme like using a movie or cartoons to inspire your food and drink or even creating a fancy dining experience replicating tasting menus from your favourite restaurant. Once you have decided on your menu - create and print your menu to make it feel like a real restaurant. You can also choose a delicious cocktail or wine pairings for the evening.


3. Atmosphere

Lighting and music can make a real difference to the atmosphere. Dim the lights, put up some fairy lights, light a few scented candles and put some romantic or relaxing background music on to listen too.


4. Get dressed up

If you were going on a real date at a nice restaurant how would you be getting ready. This shouldn't be any different, make an effort, take a shower, wash your hair, put on your makeup and get dressed up for the evening, iron a shirt, put on a dress. It will make you feel completely different about the evening.


5. Make an entrance

So that it feels like a real date, you need to arrive. So go outside and ring the bell or knock on the door, imagine that you are arriving at the restaurant. Bring some flowers, a gift or a bottle of wine with you, just as you might on a real date.


6. Topics of conversation

It doesn’t matter if you have known each other for 50 minutes or 50 years, there is always something new to learn about your partner, family or friends. All it takes is a little time and a little creativity. Perhaps bring to the table 3 topics that you are interested in or you could google the best conversation starters to get a list of thought provoking questions you could ask. The main thing is to have fun and an enjoyable evening, so keep it light.