Dutch Gourmetten

How about trying something a bit different this Christmas with a much loved Christmas dish from another part of the world.

At Christmas time in the Netherlands gourmetten is a popular and traditional way to eat. A family or group of friends will sit around a small table with a stove and miniature frying pans. Here, they drink fine wines and chat while cooking different types of meat, fish, prawns and shrimps, along with crisp vegetables, salads, fruits and sumptuous sauces.

Gourmetten is all about convenience—the kids won't get bored with all those teensy pans and miniature foods, and the host can sit back and relax at the table. Every person must cook their own meal. Get the whole family involved and try this tasty recipe below.

Popular Ingredients

Beef (steak)
Mini Burgers
Bacon, normally wrapped around a wooden stick
Mini sausages
Salmon fillet
White fish fillet
King prawns
Vegetables – peppers, mushrooms, onions, mange tout or anything else you fancy
Garlic butter


Any salad is perfect to have on the side but they recommend something very light. A simple garden salad and even fruit salad would be perfect. You want the salad to combat the amount of meat and seafood you’re going to consume. While you can also do steamed veggies, they recommend a salad that can be passed around in a large bowl.


Any sauce you like really.

Most of the meat you will be cooking with won’t have exciting flavours, so if you want to take the taste to the next level, use a dipping sauce. Pour the sauce onto your plate and dip the meat, seafood or vegetables into it.


Cut your meat and fish into chunks or strips. Not too thick, not too thin.

Cut vegetables into small strips and put them into bowls.

Cut the bread into pieces.

Setting the table - Put the gourmet equipment in the middle of the table. We put it on a wooden cutting board, to prevent the heat of it to damage our table.

Put out the sauces, vegetables, etc. in small dishes. and put them in multiple places on the table, so everyone can easily get to them.

Put out the meats on the table. You can serve the meat on plates from the fridge, to help keep the meats cold.

Lightly grease the griddle, and enjoy.