Festival Inspired Cocktails

Whether you’re headed to one the best events of the summer or creating your own mini festival in the garden or living room, get excited with a fun festival themed cocktail.


Find Me In The Tea Tent

150ml Sparkling Ice Lemon Tea
45ml vodka
30ml gin
Lemon slices

Add vodka and lemon slices to a tall chilled glass with ice. Top with Sparkling Ice Lemon Tea and stir to combine. Garnish with more lemon slices.
Boozy Coke Float

50ml bourbon or whisky (or your favourite alcohol)
Coca-Cola or equivalent 
Vanilla ice cream
Sprinkles (optional)

Add the bourbon or whisky to a tall glass. Top with Coca-Cola, leaving about 2 finger width at the top. This leaves space for the ice cream.
Take a good scoop of vanilla ice cream and add it to the top. Add sprinkles if you would like and a straw.