How was your week?

Ready for the next challenge?

Our leisure club team at East Sussex National have created three more fitness challenges to do over three days, with rest days in between.


Tuesday - Power of 10 workout - Full Body

Dumbbells Optional

10 Squats

20 Lunges

30 Press Ups

40 Crunches

50 Calf Raises

60 Lateral Lunges

70 Squat Thrusts

80 Russian Twists

90 High Knee Lifts

100 Star Jumps


Thursday - Circuit Training

50 Star Jumps

25 Squats

15 Press Ups

30 Lunges

30 Bicycle Crunches

1 minute Plank

 Repeat 4x


Weekend Cardio Challenge


Pick a flat 8km route

Steady 8km, you pick the pace and see how far you can run without stopping.


Have fun!