Did you have a good week?

This is our last week of the fitness challenge before the new year, so let's get involved!


Tuesday - Arms and Abs

2 rounds of the below. 30 seconds rest between each exercise, 1 minute between rounds.

50 Russian Twists

30 Press Ups

30 Crunches

20 Bicycle Crunches

10 Full Sit Ups

20 Heel Touches

40 Side Crunches (20 each side)


Thursday - Leg day

Dumbbells recommended. 3 rounds of the below. 30 seconds rest between exercises, 1minute between rounds.

40 Calf Raises

30 Squats

30 Alternate Lunges

20 Jump Squats

20 Side Lunges

1 Minute Wall Sit

15 Pistol Squats (each leg)


Weekend - Cardio Challenge

Hill Sprints

Find a hilly 5k route, the more the merrier.

When running on the flats or downhills, you pick the pace but keep it smooth. When at the bottom of the hill, sprint all the way to the top. When at the top, have a small pause to recover a little and admire the view.

Have fun!