How was your week?

How did you find last week's challenge?...this week our leisure club team at East Sussex National have created three more fitness challenges to do over three days, with rest days in between.

Tuesday - Legs Challenge.

Can be done with or without dumbbells

1 minute Walking Lunges

15 Squats

1 minute Glute Bridge hold

15 Box Squats (chair required)

1 minute Walking Lunges

Repeat 4 times


Thursday - Upper Body ‘As Many Rounds As Possible’

Dumbbells or weight required

15 Chest Presses

15 Arnie Shoulder Presses

15 Press Ups

10 Lying Tricep Extensions

10 V-Sit Ups

How many rounds can you do in 20 minutes?


Weekend Cardio Challenge

Pick a hilly 5km route.

10 minute walk to warm up

Interval Training:

3 minute jog, 1 minute walk. Do this 8 times.

5 minute walk to warm down.

Training time is about 45 minutes to complete.


Have fun!