Fun Dog Facts

Fun Dog Facts

To celebrate International Dog Day today, here are some fun facts about dogs:

Stressed? Petting a dog is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure. Simply walking your dog has lots of health (and social) benefits, as well.

Dog nose prints are as distinctive as human fingerprints. No two are exactly alike and can be used to identify them.

The most popular dog breed in Great Britain, Canada and the U.S. is the Labrador retriever.

The tallest dog in the world ever was a Great Dane named Zeus. Measured at 44 inches tall on October 4th 2011, he’s the current Guinness World Record holder.

Dogs noses are wet to help absorb scent chemicals. Their nose secretes a special mucus that helps to absorb these chemicals, and then they lick their noses to sample them, helping them understand what the smell is.

According to research, the best dog for attracting the opposite sex is the Golden retriever. The same study suggests that if you'd rather be left alone, walk a pitbull.

The most popular male dog names are Max and Buddy. The most popular female dog names are Bella and Molly.

Newfoundland dogs are the ultimate doggy lifeguards, because they have water resistant coats and webbed feet. They were originally bred as fisherman’s helpers and to rescue people from drowning.

Those born under the sign of the dog in Chinese astrology are said to be loyal and true.

French poodles aren't French. Germany is their original home, and the name comes from the German pudelhund or “splashing dog”.