Keeping the kids entertained in the holidays is not always easy, especially when the weather is not on your side. Whether you are a parent or grandparent in need of some ideas. Here are some that you may not have thought of yet.

Family Bake Off

Get creative and put the family competitiveness to the test with a baking competition. Firstly choose a prize for the winner. Choose the category, keep it easy if you have kids like cookies or cupcakes.  Set a time limit, usually an hour to an hour and a half is about right.

Once everyone has cooked their creations, you can all taste and judge them and select your winner. Enjoy!

Garden Games

Gather the family together and create your own fun games right in your back garden.

Get the competitiveness flowing, create races based on what you have to hand (hula hoops), sack or flipper race, bean bags or filled socks, paddling pool, trampoline etc. and don't forget the all-important prize giving at the end.

Camping in the Garden

If the weather is on your side, then why not dig out your tent and set it up in the garden. Even if you don't have kids its a great thing to do.

It might seem crazy to choose to spend the night in the garden when there’s a perfectly lovely home with TV and comfy sofa a few steps away, but actually, the change of scene and the change in routine will do you the world of good.

Don't forget the marshmallows to toast on the fire!

Pebble Art

Pebble art has been quite a thing over recent years, with people decorating rocks and leaving them in parks and other places for people to find. Its lots of fun decorating them.

Something as simple as felt tips does the trick on lighter rocks. If you want them to last longer outside then you'd be better using acrylic paint coated with varnish to give an extra layer of protection.

Washing the Car

Since kids love to play with water, washing the car is an excellent way to get children involved in an activity while enjoying natural play with water.

When you mix kids with water, you usually end up with a fun time. Add to that some soap, sponges, bikes, and a dirty car, and you have tons of water fun for kids and you, plus you end up with a clean car!

Treasure / Nature Hunt

There's all sorts of fun to be had indoors or outdoors with a treasure hunt.

Give each child a bag with a list on showing what they have to find - a leaf, a flower, a stick, a stone - you get the picture.

You could use the collected items to make a nature picture afterwards, or a leaf print.

And if you want to stay indoors then why not hide some letters or words around the house. They can find them and then use them to make words and sentences. They won't even realise they're learning.

There are loads of ideas for nature scavenger hunts from the Woodland Trust here.

Build a Den

Most parents can remember building a den as a child, usually with nothing more than a table, some cushions and a sheet. Let your child's imagination run wild as they pretend to go camping or try to keep warm inside their very own igloo.

You could always be the scary animal on the outside of the tent. And if you've got a torch don't forget to make some animal shadows too.

Home Drive in Movie

You don't need to go to a drive-in movie when you can make your own.

It's quite easy to turn a big cardboard box or laundry basket into their very own car and they can help paint or decorate it too. Stick a cushion inside, give them a blanket, some movie snacks, stick a film on and there you have it.

Or, of course, just enjoy a family movie from the comfort of the sofa - snacks are a must.

Chalk Art

Why not get the kids to use coloured chalks to brighten up all manner of things - including your own walls and driveways.

You can also use chalk to brighten up the pavements too and to give people games like Hopscotch to play while they're walking past.