October Half Term Ideas

Looking for ideas on how to keep yourself and young children entertained this half term holiday? Here are a few ideas on how you might like to spend your time.

Book a UK holiday

Autumn has arrived, and the UK has some stunning destinations to enjoy the colourful season in all its golden-hued glory. Choose a picturesque location for superb views and long walks as the kids stomp in their wellies through patchworks of colourful leaves. Or head to one of the UK’s traditional seaside resorts, to enjoy blustery days building sandcastles, have fun in the arcades or eat fish and chips on the beach.

Or you might prefer a city break with entertainment around you to keep the kids busy and ensure you get a break, too. Visit our hotels to find out more and book a last minute break away this half term.

Have a spooky day out

It’s spooky time – Halloween – on October 31, when many schools are still off for half-term. You’ll find a bundle of ghoulish events for families to enjoy across the UK.

Go Pumpkin Picking

Now is perfect pumpkin picking time of year and many farms around the country offer this activity for you to enjoy with your family. Search for your nearest pumpkin picking place and get the kids involved in picking their pumpkin to carve and decorate.

Make your own Halloween fun

You can have just as much fun at home over Halloween if you don’t fancy venturing out. The BBC Good Food website, for example, has plenty of ideas for spooky treats, such as eerie eyeball pops and scary Halloween jelly, to cook up with the kids in the kitchen.

Or you could help the kids to make spooky masks, dress up and organise Halloween games such as apple-bobbing or a spooky-themed treasure hunt. They’ll be kept entertained for hours, and the adults might have fun, too.

What's on in your local city?

Most major cities will have activities going on over half-term for families and kids, so get organised now and find out what’s on in your local area. And don’t forget to look at libraries and community and leisure centres to find out what they’re putting on during the holidays. It’s easy to neglect what’s on your doorstep – have a look around and you’ll find lots on locally to keep the family busy.

Halloween Game Ideas

How about creating some indoor Halloween games at home to keep your children and their friends entertained.

Spider Race is a cheap easy game, you just need plastic toy spiders and some straws. Whoever blows their spider across the finishing line first wins.

Creepy Halloween Mystery Box is a fun game that has guests reaching into dark boxes to feel eyeballs, bones, guts, and fingers. The trick to this game is that these items are really just everyday things you can find around your house—and the players need to guess what the objects are.

Use old food boxes and decorate them, leaving/cutting a hole so you can reach inside. Then place your items inside here are some ideas:

Dried apricots: ears
Peeled grapes or olives: eyeballs
Fuzzy pipe cleaners: spider legs
Steamed cauliflower: brains
Sweetcorn: teeth
Peeled plum tomato: heart
Cooked noodles: guts
Dried pasta: bones
Wet tortilla: skin
Cheese sticks: fingers
Overcooked rice; maggots
Peanut butter: ear wax
Slivered almonds: fingernails
Yarn: monster hair
Rubber glove filled with flour: dead hand

Discounted Days Out

Days out can cause havoc with your bank balance when you factor in not only the entry price to the event but also food and drink and other extras such as the cost of getting there. But days out are a handy way to keep the kids entertained, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for discounts and deals. Often booking in advance and online can save you pounds.

Get crafty

Nature shows off in autumn and provides heaps of ways to keep the kids busy. You could go on a walk in the countryside and make a collage from varieties of leaves you collect on the way. Or you could pick up pine cones for the kids to decorate at home with glitter – add some string and make early Christmas tree decorations. Or how about visiting the RSPB website, where children can learn how to make a speedy bird cake to keep our feathered friends fed during the sparse winter months?

Visit the theatre or cinema

It might not be free but treating the family to a trip to the theatre or cinema could make for long lasting memories. Usually you will find they have lots of family friendly screenings and shows available over half term. Hopefully they will enjoy the onscreen fun and you can enjoy a couple of hours of peace.