Healthy game day dip

Not all dips are created equal and not all dips have to be unhealthy.

If cauliflower can be pizza then surely it can also be a creamy dip.

Here's how!



One large cauliflower

One large shallot or a couple of medium-sized ones

Enough extra virgin olive oil to roast the veg and to drizzle into the dip while pureeing

Seasonings: Smoked paprika and crushed rosemary plus salt, pepper and parsley.

Nuts: Hazelnuts are number one choice. Toasted pine nuts or slivered almonds would also be fab.


 There’s nothing complicated about making this dip. There are two major (but easy!) steps: roasting the cauliflower and shallot, and pureeing the dip.

To roast the cauliflower and shallot, toss them with olive oil and the spices, salt and pepper. Spread out on a prepared baking sheet and roast in a hot oven until tender and starting to brown, turning the vegetables halfway through.

Puree the dip ingredients like you would with homemade hummus. First, combine the roasted vegetables and some of the toasted hazelnuts in a food processor and puree until almost smooth.

Once smooth, keep the motor of the food processor running and drizzle in the olive oil. Transfer the dip to a bowl and garnish with the remaining hazelnuts, a drizzle of olive oil and some parsley.