It was very hard to pick just 10 winners for our Hero Key Worker Competition. There are so many people doing amazing things to keep the country moving and caring for our communities. We chose the below 10 very worthy winners and here are their nominations.

Helen Smith


Nina is a head nurse in the ICU department at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in London.  As soon as Nina heard about the virus in China, she started researching it and getting her department prepared.  Being a single mum, who sadly lost her partner to cancer a few years ago, her whole life is split between work and her beautiful son.  Working long 12 hour shifts, paying a childminder, frequently educating herself further through online courses and being an amazing mum, Nina has remained positive through this whole ordeal.  Selfless to the end, heart of gold, hard working and my true hero.

Ruth Wood


Paul is a delivery driver for Sainsbury’s. Since the lockdown he has been working double shifts most days and all the vans have been going out full to the brim. At 69 this year he should be at home keeping safe but he said no he had to keep working to help all those needing help.

Kirsty Mackay


Laura is a respiratory physio in London, staying late and working weekends to ventilate patients. She had a holiday booked to the Dominican Republic in March, which got cancelled, but has still worked right through her annual leave. She is exhausted, anxious and can't talk about her work with any of us at the minute, as she breaks down. We all feel so helpless and just want to give her a big hug.

Not only is all of this stress enough but she is also having to do this all alone, as her partner could be at risk due to his previous health conditions, so she sent him to his mums a few weeks ago. I would love for her to have an exciting break to look forward to for them both, where she can de-stress over a bottle of wine, catch up on the sleepless nights and help get them through this awful period.

Loren Hooker


Andrea is my mum and a nurse at the QEQM hospital in Margate. I haven’t been able to see her for 2 months now and I miss her dearly but she is making the decision to stay away from my sister and I to keep us safe. She still finds the time to post me letters or a ‘hug’ in a box and tries to keep out spirits high despite her struggling and working hard to help everyone every day.

I know she is struggling working in theatres with Covid patients but she remains optimistic for us and I want her to know how proud and thankful I am. I can’t wait to see her again and would love to treat her to a night away once things return to a sense of normality.

Sarah Tunstall


Sara works in a primary school taking care of vulnerable and critical workers children. She puts the children before herself and her own young family and has even worked over Easter.

She is providing the children with a little bit of happiness and normality during these crazy times and we all love her. She so deserves something lovely like this.

Amy Beckett


Laura is a community nurse. She definitely is a sparkling pearl. Challenging days working in the community. Together battling for immunity. She needs a special treat to rest her tired feet.

Tracey Bright


Colin works for the NHS with 30 years continuous service, continuing to keep doing what you do best....helping others.

Tracey Dixon


Craig is the manager at Islington and Camden cemetery and of course his job is not only extremely busy at the moment but important to maintain standards for the staff, customers and still keep everyone safe.

Since the pandemic started he has worked 7 days a week day and night deciding and implementing changes to ensure the service and standards of our job continues as well as adapts to deal with the immediate increase in workload.

He has reviewed everything we do to allow us to do a great job in a time when we are dealing with distressed families and worried staff. He has  continued to remain professional and calm throughout as well as a great strength of support to all staff. I would love for him and his lovely wife to win this competition and enjoy a night away from their busy lifestyles and 3 kids.

Jenny Young


Mark is a Postman, who has been working in very difficult conditions, alone and with a significantly increased workload in trying circumstances, while also having been forced to live alone since the lockdown started as his partner and her daughter have needed to isolate from him.

Thank you for the opportunity to nominate him.  He has been very down, and to get some formal recognition would give him a real lift.

Nadine Guest


David works in a care home that has been badly hit and has sadly lost half of its residents. Even though it has been scary, heartbreaking and risky to himself and to us he has gone in every day to help look after these wonderful elderly people. He's not NHS, he's not a carer but he cares so much that he hasn’t let them or us down.