In these challenging times we are truly thankful for our wonderful team, who are going above and beyond to help the hotels whilst we are in lockdown. We wanted to say thank you to them and highlight some of our Hero Workers below.


Carol is normally a Conference & Banqueting Supervisor at Holiday Inn Maidstone. Since lockdown she has picked up night shifts, which aren’t her usual hours of work and has embraced learning Check-in and Check-out to support the smooth running of the hotel at this time.  Furthermore we have been fortunate to pick-up rooms from Rail and Power industries and as such had 20 plus rooms to clean and get back into the system. Carol cleaned all the rooms to the desired level on top of doing her night shifts, some of which had been lived in for over a week and let’s just say…weren’t an easy clean. She has been a huge support to the team.
Thank you Carol!


Vivek is normally Deputy General Manager at East Sussex National.
He has been instrumental in making sure that systems and procedures have been followed and has stepped into the kitchen to cover the chefs days off to ensure our guests are well catered for, helped prep, assisted with kitchen deep cleaning and done split shifts to help cover where needed whilst supporting the team fully.
Thank you Vivek!


Gemma is normally our Front of House Manager at Harben House Hotel. She has been supporting with admin on and off shift. Organising what each person is doing on each shift. Updating all the records. Bringing in food for the team working. Cleaning bedrooms for the Key Workers we have staying in the hotel. Mowing the lawns of the hotel as our contractor is not able to work and making sure the hotel looks great for when our guests return.
Thank you Gemma!


Lee is normally Head Chef at Holiday Inn South Normanton. We have had a group of key workers and NHS workers staying since lock down - so Chef has worked each evenings to prepare meals for them personalised to their individual needs and the times when they go to work or come back from work early in the morning. When he’s not cooking he’s painting all the back of house areas of the hotel - so they look great when the team arrive back. He has done whatever has been asked from him with a smile and some much needed humour.
Thank you Lee!


Paz is normally Food & Beverage Manager at Hunton Park. From the onset Paz has volunteered to do anything he can to support the manager. He has used his own initiative and has even moved into the hotel to ensure the night team feel secure in a lone working situation and has got his mum to make a traditional home cooked authentic curry for the remaining few team to enjoy.
Thank you Paz!