Party planning takes time, creativity and the ability to stay organised. Parties are all about bringing people together and having fun.

We've created a party planning checklist to help you. Not every point is relevant to all parties, but keeping them in mind will help you become a better party planner.

1 . Date & Time

Pick a date and time for your party. Try to schedule the party so that it doesn’t conflict with any major celebrations, holidays, or festivals. This way, you’ll have a better chance of people showing up.

2 . Location

Where will your party take place? Will it be outside or inside? At someone’s house, a restaurant, a hotel, or elsewhere? Start thinking of potential specific venues or hotels and go and visit them.

3 . Theme

Decide on whether there’s going to be a theme. What’s the occasion for the party? Is it to mark a specific event or “just because." Will people need to dress up in formal wear or costumes?

4 . Guest List

Who will you invite to the party? Write a list. If the party is open to the public, find out what type of people this party would appeal to. Where can you find them?

5. Invitations

Now you have your list, how will you invite your guests. Do you need or want to print invitations? If its a less formal, smaller party a digital invitation or phone call is probably enough and will save money. You can use online event invitation platforms like Eventbrite or Facebook Events or if its just a few friends why not give them a call.

6. Menu

Will you serve food and drinks? Will people have to bring their own? Start thinking of your potential shopping list and catering options. If the party is taking place in a venue or hotel, try their menus to see what you like and would work best for your party. Normally a hotel or catering company can create bespoke menus for your event.

7. Cake

It's not a celebration without a cake! Will you buy one or make one yourself? To reduce stress and free up time to organise the party, it might be best to task a professional with making the cake. Make sure you have candles and a lighter handy as well.

8. Team

Are you organising this party on your own? Will you need others to help you, who can you ask? Gather a team and agree on who’s responsible for what aspect of the party planning. If you are booking a venue or hotel they normally have an event planner at your disposal who can help you to organise a lot of this.

9. Entertainment

Will you have music at the party? How will you organise this? Provide your own or book a musician. Would you like any other entertainment, such as magicians, performers or fireworks. If you are booking a venue or hotel, they normally have a list of recommended suppliers that you can contact.

10. Photos and Video

Have someone on your team (or a professional) documenting the party by taking photos and capturing memorable videos to share with the guests afterwards.

11. Budget

Do you have a budget for the party? What costs are there from the above for hosting your party? Will you be charging your guests entrance fees or selling tickets?