As England enters a second national lockdown, and many countries around the world going through similar restrictions, it’s time to take a deep breath and remember that we can get through this. It’s a tough time for everyone for different reasons. Here is a quick guide to help you survive lockdown 2.


1 . Declutter mentally and physically

A tidy up can be good for the soul, and getting your physical space at home more organised and tidy might just help you to feel a little calmer mentally, too.


2 . Gather your essentials

There’s absolutely no need to stockpile – remember what happened last time?  Just get what you need. Supermarkets aren’t closing, so you can get food once a week or as required just as you would usually.

Think you need more to keep you occupied, like books or games? Gather what you need.  Knowing you’ve got what you need for the time being might help ease a little anxiety. Don’t forget, it’s not forever, just the upcoming weeks.


3 . Find a way to socialise

You may be over the whole Zoom thing, but it's still good to socialise. Start a WhatsApp group, or schedule in catch ups on the phone with people you love. Try to check up on people you care about. They may be going through things you know nothing about.

Drop someone an email or a text to let them know you’re thinking of them.


4 . Show kindness

Now more than ever it’s a time to come together – at a distance – and support one another. A small gesture, whether it’s a text to let someone know you’re thinking of them, a little gift in the post, offering to do some of their chores around the house, or picking up a neighbour’s groceries if you’re able to, can brighten someone’s day. Even a smile at a stranger can leave a lasting impression. It needn’t be a grand gesture. Sometimes the smallest, simplest of things make a big difference to another person.


5. Take time for you

Take the time for plenty of self care. Drink water. Cook meals. Take naps. Do things you enjoy. Make time for peace and quiet. Find something to laugh at each day.


6. Do what you need to do

There can be so much pressure to be super productive and use this time to do a whole host of new things. Ignore the pressures and what others are doing. Just allow yourself to ‘be’.

For some of us, rather than being bored we’ve found ourselves with more to do, more responsibilities to take on and more stresses. It can be frustrating to hear of others doing all these wonderful new things they never had time for, or moaning about being bored. Just focus on what you’re doing and what you need in order to better manage life right now.


7. Try to keep some routine in your days

When we lose structure in our days it can be harder to motivate ourselves or stay on top of the things we need to do, including self-care. Some routine can be beneficial to your mental and physical well-being, not to mention your sense of meaning and achievement.