From hassle free holidays, to safe travel options, here are some great reasons why staycations are all the rage this year.

1 . You'll discover just how beautiful your own Country is

Sometimes it's easy to forget the UK is home to some truly beautiful places, The Cotswolds, The Peak District, our many Regional Parks, as well as our stunning old cities Brighton, Canterbury and Stratford Upon Avon. How many places have you visited, chances are you still have lots to see and nows the time to do it. Luckily our hotels are located near to these places.

2 . It's nice and easy

Things couldn't be simpler with a UK staycation. There’s no need for passports, visas, lengthy airport waits, suitcase weight limits, language barriers or exchange rates. You can go from door to door in a matter of hours, without any of the rigmarole which usually accompanies foreign travel. Fortunately all of our hotels are easily accessible from the main UK road networks.

3 . Have a greener holiday

It’s no secret that aeroplane travel incurs a significant carbon footprint. Tourists have been jetting off to all corners of the planet for decades now, but it’s only recently that doubts have been cast about the ethical and environmental implications of this carefree attitude to air travel.

4 . There are surprising good beaches here

For some reason, many of us still think of British beaches as craggy and being lashed by big waves, viewed through a rain-lashed windscreen on a depressingly grey day. This is not the case, you’ll find golden sand, and lots of it, plus sunshine, take yourself to East Sussex and Kent beaches from our hotels in the South East and visit Brighton Beach, Herne Bay and Broadstairs as well as many others.

5. You'll get to rediscover what makes Britain Great!

Britain isn’t all bickering and binge-drinking. We also have the greatest pubs in the world, the tastiest curries, the best cream teas, the biggest Yorkshire puds and, of course, the legendary full English. Get stuck in and celebrate our culinary delights.

6. You can help the local economy

Visiting another part of your country means you will contribute to the coppers of a different community. Think of all the small businesses that tourism supports and how badly they will have been affected. Social distancing may mean that you are contributing less than previously (you’ll be going to fewer cafes, using fewer activity centres, visiting fewer small museums or sites) but you can still give something and that must be better than doing nothing at all.

7. You can visit loved ones

A staycation could give you a chance to say a socially-distant hello in person to family and friends who live away from you. There’s the added bonus that going somewhere familiar to visit people you love but staying somewhere unfamiliar will open up new perspectives on a place you think you know well.

8. We need something to look forward to

Prior to lockdown, many of us were lucky enough to consider travel as a necessity in life and not a luxury. While we have had to rapidly rethink travel, it’s still locked into our psyche that getting away from normal life and experiencing something new and different is a very positive if not essential thing to do for our wellbeing and mental health.  Booking a staycation will give us something to look forward to. Whether it’s going back to somewhere you love or exploring somewhere new, it just needs to be outside of those four walls of lockdown life.