At this time we are all washing our hands more frequently, which strips the skin of its natural protective oils and can cause dryness, irritation and roughness. Therefore it is really important to take care of your hands to hydrate them, smooth the skin and even out the texture.

The below video from ESPA gives an overview of a hand care tutorial on what you can do twice a week to really help keep your hands feeling nourished. It is a good example and you can substitute their products with similar ones you have at home.


Top tips to look after your hands

We recommend you follow this plan twice a week for great results.

  1. Cleanse - use a moisturising hand wash
  2. Exfoliate - to keep your hands smooth
  3. Deep conditioning treatment - use a rich moisturising cream on your nails, cuticles and hands and leave for 15/20 minutes, ideally in gloves or wrapped in a warm towel.
  4. Moisturise - Finish by moisturising your hands with a hand lotion or cream

Where possible use natural or non perfumed products as they will be kinder to your skin.