With recent events surrounding COVID-19, many businesses find themselves utterly dependent on virtual meetings to conduct business, keep projects moving forward and communicate with remote staff and clients. And while nothing can fully replace an in-person meeting, taking the right approach can ensure a successful outcome.

Below we have put together some top tips to help maximising your impact on a virtual meeting:

Create a Professional Remote Office

Work from a quiet carpeted room.
Make sure your background is neutral, uncluttered and professional.
Create good lighting, so you have no distracting shadows on your face.
Use a laptop not phone.
Adjust your camera and sitting position so that your image takes up the whole screen.
Include the maximum amount of your ‘Triangle of Communication’ from the top of your head to just above your bust.

Make Virtual Meetings Feel Real

Dress the part - Consider the colours you wear. Darker colours always carry more authority but are best when worn with a contrasting lighter colour.
Wear earrings, a necklace or scarf and a brooch. All these have meanings in sumptuary law and carry authority.
Take your makeup up a notch. The camera flattens our face and washes us out. Apply more blusher and a brighter lipstick.
Turn off notifications and pop ups.
Look at the camera, not the screen when talking.
Avoid multitasking.