Top Drinks To Try Around The Country

Top Drinks To Enjoy Around The Country

With everyone getting out and about around the Country we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the most popular drinks in different areas, local producers and our hotels located nearby.

1. Yorkshire

Yorkshire drinker's favourite tipple is beer.

Local Brewery - Samuel Smith's

Local Hotel - The Bridge Hotel & Spa, Crab Manor Hotel and Allerton Court Hotel

2. Somerset, Devon & Cornwall

Locals drink a lot of cider, especially supporting locally breweries, of which there are many artisan cider's around.

3. Scotland

The Scots are the largest consumers of spirits, most particularly their own Scotch whisky.

4. Kent

Kent is famous for its local Ales and is home to the oldest brewery in England, The Shepherd Neame Brewery.

Local Brewery - Shepherd Neame
Local Hotel - Broome Park Hotel

5. London

A favourite British summer drink, Pimms is seen across London during the summer months especially at well known events and festivals like Wimbledon.

Local Hotels - Hunton Park Hotel & The Manor Elstree

6. Hampshire

With local wineries popping up across the south of England over the last few years, English Sparkling Wine has become a popular tipple in this areas.

7. Cardiff

The drink of choice is a cocktail, and there are a number of classy cocktail bars in the city.

8. The Midlands

Gin has soared in popularity over the last few years, which has seen a huge rise in speakeasy and gin bars, with many opening in the Midlands and becoming popular.

Local Producer - Dr Eamer's Emporium
Local Hotel - Park Hall Hotel & Spa