Our Top Tips for Holiday Booking Success This Summer

Who needs a holiday?

I think we can safely say we all do, which is why we're seeing unprecedented demand in the hotel and hospitality industry for holidays, eating out and special occasion events.

So how can you make sure you're getting the break you deserve - and not left in a paddling pool in your back garden this summer?

Here are our top tips for  holiday booking success this summer.

1.Plan ahead

The Summer of 2021 is not the time to be hoping for a last minute getaway. All the best places are being booked up in advance so our number one tip is to start planning and booking ahead. That way you'll have something to look forward to for even longer. For added peace of mind, make sure you book somewhere that has flexible cancellation policies (our hotels all do).

Our Great British Staycation deals are still available for booking up until June 30th and you can book holidays up until the end of August. Prices start from an incredible £39 per room per night for two and include a delicious afternoon tea on arrival.

2. Use the App - for special deals

Whether we like it or not, Apps are here to stay - so why not embrace them and get them to work to your advantage.

These days, Apps can alert you if you're near a hotel with a special deal and as soon as new deals pop up.

3. Apps - for pre-booking

Yes, still on the App theme.

Many destinations are now insisting that all bookings for food and activities are made via their App.

Again - look at this as a bonus rather than a chore. Use Apps to pre-book activities like spa and pool visits, golfing and afternoon teas. Other people will be pre-booking and again, you may miss out if you leave it until the last minute, particularly as many places have had to reduce capacity to allow for social distancing.

The Countrywide Hotels app also shows hotel menus, guest directories and local things to do to make the most of your stay - so you can check things out and book everything from the comfort and convenience of your phone.

You can download the Countrywide Hotels app here for Android and here for iPhone..

4. Go off-peak

And by this we mean off-peak times and off-peak destinations.

This may not be an option for everyone, but if you're not tied to school holidays then try booking outside of the busiest school holiday period.

And how about trying a midweek deal? Weekends at many places are booked up for months in advance at the moment, particularly with an extra busy wedding season upon us. So why not start your break on a Sunday or Tuesday. Many of our Great British Staycation deals are outside of weekends so you can also get a great price.

As for off-peak destinations - how about going off the beaten track. When everyone else is heading for the country or beach, why not explore a new city centre? This is the year we're all going to be exploring our great British backyard a whole lot more.

5. Go Direct

Yes, holiday booking websites are great but you can often get a better deal by going directly to hotels themselves. They won't need to pay commission to the booking site and you'll get a feel for the hotel itself by seeing how they deal with your enquiries.

Plan ahead, book ahead, use technology and you'll make sure to get the great holiday you deserve this summer.