Weddings in 2021

The wedding industry has been one of the hardest hit by the lockdown. Four out of five UK couples reportedly postponed their weddings in 2020, including many at our own hotels.

Once all of this is over there will definitely be a rush to tie the knot. But what does 2021 look like for weddings.

1. Weddings get the go ahead

When weddings get the go ahead this year, experts predict the industry's busiest yet, with off-peak, normally quieter weekdays and months booking up with not only 2020 postponements, but also couples who would have been planning a 2021 wedding anyway.


2. When should I host my wedding

Summer 2021 will be busy, with newly engaged couples snapping up dates alongside postponements, so if there's any possibility of moving to the quieter months or a midweek wedding, consider it. You'll likely find your suppliers are more available for your new date too.


3. Should I opt for a midweek wedding

Weekday weddings were on the rise before last year, as couples realised the value for money benefit, especially with venue hire fees. After such a difference year, we can imagine more guests will find it easier or will be more happy to take time off during the week to go to a wedding of someone near and dear.


4. UK destination weddings

Experts predict that 2021 will definitely see more local or UK destination weddings due to the uncertainty of travel. More remote venues in the UK will see more interest, with city couples venturing out to get somewhat of a destination wedding feel.


5. Big or small wedding 

For many couples, this crisis has shifted their priorities and the focus is now more on an intimate gathering with their nearest and dearest, and it will be hard to get over the mental hurdle of being around big groups. Smaller weddings were trending in the last few years, as couples started to actively choose to reduce their headcount in order to invest more in each person. Finances will also play a big role in this decision, as by reducing your headcount you will reduce your spend.


6. Sit down meal or buffet

One particular trend that was on the rise in the last few years was a shift from formal, plated food to more relaxed family-style, sharing platters. But now, we may see a shift back to plated meals again. Evening and dessert buffets may not be able to happen - therefore we might see fewer things in jars (i.e. sweet stations), and food station attendants to serve food or table service.


7. Should I still have a dancefloor

There might be less of a focus on 'everyone on the dance floor' and maybe more cabaret 'sit and enjoy' dance floor entertainment. Or for those who are still determined to get up and dance, there might be more of a priority on larger spaces and ensuring there's plenty of ventilation.


8. Micro wedding

You might consider a micro wedding this year for 20 guests or less, which ensures the marriage legalities are completed as planned and allows the couple to have a small celebration within restrictions. Many are also choosing to move their larger celebrations until they are safe to go ahead; this way they can properly celebrate their marriage with their wider friends and family, which is known as a sequel wedding, see below.  This type of wedding can be less stressful for couples, it will allow you to make the most of your budget, you can do things differently and really have fun with your day.


9. Sequel wedding

Sequel weddings have actually been around for a while, it is a wedding in multiple parts. Many couples have an intimate ceremony first and a larger celebration later with family and friends. This might be an option to consider this year if you want to get married soon but want to celebrate with friends and family at a later date when it is safe to do so properly.


10. Mini-moon or Staycation-moon

If you are getting married this year then you might want to consider a UK honeymoon or mini-moon. With uncertainty around travel restrictions it might be safer to take a mini-moon and plan a honeymoon at a later date.


If you are looking for a venue for your wedding or mini-moon, then our wedding teams would be happy to help discuss what options are available to you this year and going forward. Let them help but your mind at ease. Please visit our hotels and contact the wedding team directly to discuss your dream day and find out about our current special offers.