What Does Your Drink Of Choice Say About Your Personality?

What does your drink of choice say about you?

Apparently, you can tell what sort of person you are by the alcoholic drink you favour. Why not read our article below and have a bit of fun!

Are you a vodka cranberry person, a wine drinker, a fan of gin and martini or a lover of craft beers? Read on to find out what your drink says about you and your personality.


People who drink vodka and soda fall into two categories: those who love good vodka, and those who like the fact that it contains few calories, is gluten-free and contains no sugar. Those people in the second category tend to prefer conversations about health and lifestyle and like to enjoy their nights out without the need to feel guilty about breaking their diets.

Craft Beer

Craft beer drinkers are the new wine snobs. Craft beer aficionados love a good beard, wear Chelsea boots and care about the fit and colour of their clothes. It’s all about the little details with them.


Lovers of the grape are very social, and shouldn’t be trusted with a secret, as they may inadvertently let it slip whilst indulging in a sauvignon blanc. They love to ask personal and audacious questions of others and don’t mind sharing a few of their secrets, too.

Gin Martini

Classic gin martini drinkers tend not to like it when people order dirty martinis, as it upsets their traditional ideas of how things should be. Classic gin martini drinkers are also mysterious, clever, and know how to get your attention.

Vodka Cranberry

These party animals like to dive straight in, and they don’t mess around when it comes to having serious fun. These are the people who constantly want the music louder so they can dance on the tables. Having this drink is less about liking the flavour than being able to see how much is left in the glass.


Most people drink champagne to celebrate a special occasion, while you would happily drink it every day. Your tastes and sensibilities are refined and expensive. You will answer definitively but deliver your opinions eloquently.


There are two subtypes of margarita drinkers: those who like them frozen, and those who like them on the rocks with lime. If you like a frozen margarita, you like dancing and love tacky party decorations. If you like your drink on the rocks, you are very social and like making new friends.

Single Malt

Those who drink single malt know how they want their whisky served. They understand a lot about alcohol but don’t feel that they should brag about it. Single malt drinkers like to sip and savour their drinks instead of gulping them down.

Gin And Tonic

Drinkers of this beverage love the exotic Indian origin of this drink. They have probably had an interesting career, and are likely the ‘cool’ member of your friend group.

Rum And Coke

Rum and coke drinkers often wear clothing that makes a statement, such as a Hawaiian shirt for a night out. It’s this sense of fun and youth that makes them fun to be around.


Negroni drinkers are non-conformers, but they do get along well with other negroni drinkers. They like to have expert knowledge on arcane subjects, and they are the friend you would ask to help you complete that difficult crossword.


Bartenders hate how difficult it is to prepare Mojitos, especially in a busy bar, but those who order them don’t mind annoying the bar staff. Mojito drinkers have probably travelled a lot, and enjoy telling you all about their adventures. They tend to have small but deep and meaningful tattoos, often in a foreign language.


A Daiquiri drinker is adventurous, with a bold soul who loves a challenge. You're headstrong but warm and friendly and vibrant. Rum-based drinks fans reveal a personality that is young at heart, someone who loves life and lives it to the fullest.


The Cosmopolitan is a glamorous drink and one that carries a certain level of aspiration. Those who pick a Cosmopolitan as their cocktail of choice enjoy their freedom and independence and like to make a bold statement. Sipping a Cosmopolitan says to the world that you’re a trendsetter, the life and soul of the party and a natural leader too.

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned drinkers were traditionally thought to be risk takers. Dating back to the 1800s, the Old Fashioned was a popular drink served at Gentlemen's Clubs and is often associated with an aristocratic and more mature drinker. Those who pick an Old Fashioned today are said to enjoy a more traditional way of life but still have an air of risk and challenge to their personality.

Whiskey Sour

If you're a Whisky Sour sipper, you are likely very complex; you tend to have many different - sometimes opposing - personality traits and are extremely adaptable in social situations. While whisky is said to be the drink of a confident person, if you prefer your whiskey in this cocktail form, you might have hidden depths to your personality.


If you usually opt for a Gimlet when you're at a bar, you'll most likely pride yourself on being open and honest to those around you. You are confident in your own decisions, trust your judgement and make great friends because of your straight-talking approach and stabilising force.

Espresso Martini

If this is your cocktail of choice you are likely an intense individual who gives 100% to everything you do. Espresso Martini drinkers have a ‘work hard, play hard attitude and are happy to take the lead in both professional and social situations.