The right food and beverage concept could become your largest revenue stream. For some operators, it’s a headache and an unwelcomed distraction from the ‘core’ business. We can help you optimise your food and beverage revenue.

Our experience offers:

Menu concept design and dish development
Good menu planning involves creating concepts to meet the surroundings and needs of the customer and showcasing the offering. Engagement of the entire team increases ownership for a consistent approach whilst recognising restraints on equipment and talent.

We leverage our relationships with suppliers for a premium offering, whilst controlling our costs. Suppliers are engaged at an early stage in preparation of the concepts. We can advise on trends, brands and market conditions.

Restaurant design and build
Good design is paramount in the success of the food and beverage offering. We can offer an integrated support package to meet those needs, including designers, architects and builders from concept to delivery.

Financial control
We can set up the systems, for control and reporting, allowing accurate evaluation which improves conversations and prompts menu development.

Brand or ‘celebrity chef’
If you are considering a franchised brand, or seek the benefits of leveraging a relationship with a key industry name, then we can assist you appraising the strategy and potential delivery.

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