Countrywide can help an owner optimise their leisure club offering. Dependent on scale, an added value cost centre can transform into a contributor.

This is achieved by focusing on:

Cost base
Local positioning
Spa treatments
Associated revenues

The leisure club is a business within your business warranting its own sales and marketing strategy. This is whilst it remains integrated and complementary to all other product offerings.

In an increasingly competitive market, we can provide support to help define a club’s local positioning in order to drive membership. We then work with the teams on retention targets and new membership activities.

Members will then be encouraged to utilise all the features on offer, increase the length of their visits and spend across the whole of the business.

Acknowledging the complexity and responsibilities of a leisure club offering in terms of health and safety, Countrywide will help you operate a legal, safe, and compliant yet fun, leisure club and spa.

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